Rockin’ the Beat!: Dreaming of a Switcheroo


Sherry knows dreams can sometimes be weird, wild or whacky. Yet they may hold keys to what’s going on in our lives. This fanciful book series gives kids understand about messages in their dreams. Within these whimsical stories, she hopes you will meet new friends and be encouraged to reach for a truly meaningful life.

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First in the SDB Series, The Ride of Your Life! pictures a crazy amusement park ride like none other, as Skeever receives direction that could launch her into her heart’s desire. Will her talent be affirmed or come to a screeching halt? Will her dream come true, or still leave her stuck?

On every page, Sherry and Tara blend fanciful imaginations, delightful personalities, and character-building content with helpful tools that unlock the mysteries of dreams. Discussion and Take Home pages included.


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